About 1CapApp

You’re Here!

Hi! You must have heard about us because you’re here! Maybe you are here because you are a captioner, a CART provider or court reporter that needs a different text streaming solution that offers friendly pricing. Maybe you are an AV company checking out our cool technology. It could be you are a consumer who wants to learn more about our technology so you can tell your caption company about 1CapApp. Whatever the reason, we are so glad you’re here!

Our Story

Christine Woods and Jeanette Christian are two of the most highly trained and experienced captioners in the industry. Their friendship began in 2009 when they put their knowledge together to create an online scheduler / calendar for captioners. Over the next few years Jeanette and Christine talked often about the expanding need for CART and captioning and the lack of solutions available.

So in 2013, Jeanette and Christine, along with their amazing engineers and staff, launched 1CapApp, and it has been an epic ride ever since. 1CapApp provides a faster, live captioning experience for EVERYONE; better management tools for CAPTIONERS; solutions for ENGINEERS; and this service is AFFORDABLE!!!

You might wonder, is this text streaming platform easy to use? YES, IT IS! Remember, we - are - just - like - you – a captioner, a CART provider, a court reporter, an engineer. We understand what you need. We understand what your client deserves – and that’s 1CapApp.

We owe a huge thanks to our 1CapApp fans for joining us on this awesome journey and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our success story. Tell your friends about 1CapApp and be a part of the innovation of our industry’s future by registering for a 1CapApp account today.

Team Members

C. Jeanette Christian


Christine Woods


Nicolas Trani

Lead Architect

Michael Christian

Chief Technology / Operations Officer

Mickael Astier

Software Engineer

Cori Watkins

Topeka Support

Susan Amico

Charlotte Support

Mission Statement

1CapApp is committed to giving all captioners, CART providers, court reporters, engineers, and consumers the best user experience that technology has to offer. We constantly develop 1CapApp to meet the needs of all consumers and to stay on the cutting edge.

Core Values

1CapApp operates and develops with guiding principles that are our cornerstone and our compass. These principles are simple: one, the customer comes first and will always be respected; two, we will mentor and share knowledge; three, diversity and inclusion will guide our business decisions.