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Secure Real-Time Text Streaming Platform

Created by Steno Writers for Captioners, CART Providers, Court Reporters and AV Engineers.

Our interests are aligned with those in our industry who seek to offer cutting-edge technology for the delivery of a text streaming platform.

1CapApp offers a team of highly motivated professionals who understand the value of great service at a fair and reasonable price.


1CapApp text streaming delivery is seamless and fast making your client’s viewing experience amazing.
1CapApp was developed by two veteran captioners and a very talented engineering team who understand
what you want and what your clients deserve. We transform ideas into innovative enhancements providing
great benefit for 1CapApp customers and their clients. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.
Some of the main features are described below:


Security is a top priority for 1CapApp. Our infrastructure is designed, managed and updated according to security best practices. A variety of security compliance standards are also in place that precisely targets and enhances a user’s experience. Unique layers of security has also been added that meets the needs of a critical business infrastructure. As a customer of 1CapApp, you can be assured that our web architecture is created on top of the most secure computing infrastructure in the world.

Additional Security Features

  • Require authentic login or Google ID login.
  • Enforce password strength, reset, and secret question.
  • Restrict IP addresses and range.
  • Kick out an IP address from the session.


Overlay translucent or background captions on top of your power point presentation or video without the hassle and cost of a video switcher, mixer or encoder. No need to rent a second screen or projector! 1CapApp can do this remotely and onsite! Currently available for Windows but our MAC and Linux version is coming soon.


Your onsite solution when internet is not available or is not stable. 1Net will create a hotspot on your computer so your customers can view live text streaming to their iPad, computer, tablet or phone. 1Net also works with 1Fuzion! Currently available for Windows but our MAC and Linux version is coming soon.

Reasonable Pricing

Want to save up to 60% on your text streaming costs? We can help you do that! The 1CapApp team continues to transform their ideas into innovative enhancements that provide great benefit for 1CapApp customers and their clients by adding new functionality to the service without increasing your cost. Free Test Stream Helps You Save: We include a Free Test Stream button that allows you to test your connection without accumulating session time; plus, we do not start accumulating time until the session is started and you start sending text to our proprietary JetCap server. This means you can test your connection and wait for your client to join the session. When everyone is ready, start sending text. Sending text is when the accumulation of time begins.

Solutions for AV Engineers

1CapApp delivers an enterprise solution for live events with multichannel delivery of captions. Our 1Fuzion app will import closed captioning into your switcher while 1CapApp simultaneously delivers one link that will deliver embed, iframe and transcripts. The 1CapApp platform can be used onsite or remotely. So no matter where your captioner sits, captions will be delivered to your event site, webcast and archiving the transcript. 1CapApp also offers an upgrade which includes an ads banner, ticker line and Twitter posting.


We built our own connector that links your CAT software to the 1CapApp platform. 1Connect is robust and forward thinking as it moves you seamlessly from one session to the next; plus, you can Start, Stop, View your session without going to the dashboard. Included is a “Free” Test Stream button to test your connection so you can be confident you are ready when your client arrives.

Interactive Keyboard Macro

Using the interactive keyboard macro to deliver your text is simple! Place your cursor in the box and start writing! From 1Connect or Admin Dashboard select Interactive Stream.

Switch Writer Round Robin

Switching writers made easy! Use your switch writer macro or click the switch writer button to move to the next writer in the list.


Writers can create macros that control view page formatting and session functions:

  • Automatic speaker ID color.
  • Text color, bold, italics and underline.
  • New Line Macro: This macro is the solution for writers when using a script file and F12.
  • Switch captioner macro.
  • Turn on subscript and superscript.
  • Tweet on Twitter.
  • Increase or decrease text stream, YouTube or Videolinq.
  • Don’t see your macro? Just ask!!!

Automatic Delivery of Transcript

Sessions can be configured to automatically deliver a transcript to anyone’s email account that is viewing your session. Viewer can save in any format, font, color and style. This includes both private and public sessions. Viewer can also add timecodes and line numbers to the transcript.

Recurring Sessions

Scheduling recurring sessions is easy to create and manage. Display one or all recurring sessions with the ability to update one session or all sessions in the recurring series.

Note-Taking on the Same Screen as View Page

A note-taking box is located on the view page directly below the streaming text which allows your client to keep their eyes on the same page as the streaming text while taking their notes.

Captioning Live Webcast Videos
Adobe, YouTube, Drupal, WebEx, Videolinq

1CapApp gives you the ability to deliver live captions to a broadcast station’s live video webcast remotely. Simultaneously, 1CapApp can deliver captions to Adobe, YouTube, Drupal, WebEx, or Videolinq. Need a streaming time delay added to the session? We do that, too! If you have another platform needing captions and it is not listed, call us. 1CapApp is your solution!

Session Presets

Session Presets are customized templates for each client. A default preset is also available.

Marketing and Revenue Opportunities for Your Clients

  • Twitter Tweet Macro: Tweet “Touchdown,” “First Down,” “Penalty” by creating a one-stroke macro while captioning a football game.
  • A helpful macro during emergency alerts!
  • Hyperlinked Ads on the View Page: Sponsors’ ads displayed on the view page gives your clients the opportunity to sell banner ad space to third-party sponsors of the event.

Hard Stop

Pick your own hard stop. The hard stop you pick for your company will be displayed in the left-hand corner of 1Connect so your team of writers will know how long they can sit idle.

Calendar View of Sessions

A filter has been added to the calendar view so you can quickly keep track of your sessions.

Customized Script for your 1CapApp Demo

1CapApp Demo Use your own Script !
1CapApp gives you a way to demo 1CapApp’s streaming text on you own website. Even better, you can provide your own script! We make available a link to the demo that you can embed into your website. Alternatively, you can send the link directly to your client to view. We made it simple!

Fantastic Text Streaming Viewing Experience

Text stream formatting: We allow you to highlight, underline, bold, strikethrough

  • Speaker Color: Speakers can be shown in different colors
  • Notes box and Chat box on same page as streaming text
  • Resizable and Customizable: Resize, Open in New Window or Full Screen
  • Slow down text flow: Text speed can be slowed down for smooth text delivery
  • Open dyslexic font is available
  • Automatic delivery of formatted transcript (Optional)
  • Optimized view screen for mobile devices

Copy As New

If a session accidentally gets stopped or hard stop times out, 1CapApp’s Copy As New button will recreate the session and put it back in place.

Save As Preset

We know how much you love presets so we made it easier to create these from the first time you schedule a session.

Get Send Links

Sending the url link to your client is easy! Click Get/Send Session Links, input your client’s email and 1CapApp delivers!

Solutions for Consumers

You have the right to ask for the best platform on the market. Ask your caption company for 1CapApp.


Call us or send us your ideas. Our talented team can give your ideas life.

Prices And Plans

You choose any amount you want to buy. The more you buy the more you save.

Example: 50 Hours = 7 Cents / Minute 150 Hours = 6 Cents / Minute 325 Hours = 5 Cents / Minute 500 Hours = 4 Cents / Minute.

It's your choice and the minutes you purchase will never expire.

We don't make you earn your savings!!!



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